Dean is an independent film-maker, avid computer programmer, actor, and former stuntman. In an age where creativity is being redefined as the computer-generated amalgamations of the art of others, Dean believes in exploring fresh, experimental, human ideas, that go beyond the neural-net training data. With a unique background encompassing two divergent careers, Dean possesses a distinct voice that gives his work originatlity, and can draw upon a wide range of experiences to tell fresh, authentic stories. Dean is currently directing and producing his second feature film SYMUTAL through his production company Stunt Power Films - a boutique production company, specialising in the fusion of technology and high-concept action.
Dean was born in Dubai to an English / Sierra Leonean mother and a Swiss / Greek-Cypriot father. He moved to England aged 5 and grew up in London. He currently resides in Bangkok, Thailand, but considers himself a Brit at heart.
In high-school everything was simple - I studied computers for my career, and I did martial arts for fun. Then, shortly after leaving school, the passing away of my father caused me to radically rethink my direction in life. The immortality of being young was broken, and priorities shifted in my mind. Life was short, and I wasn't going to spend mine in an office. I realised that within me was a secret dream to make movies. Action movies. Unfortunately I knew nothing about the film industry. I had no contacts, no entertainment friends, no film education or knowledge of cinema, no financial support. Though in hindsight, this may have been a blessing. I was forced to struggle by with my computer skills, and my martial arts. Over the next couple of years I hustled at various positions, writing code by week, doing kung-fu flips by weekend. I would Lion-dance in a Chinese shopping centre on Sunday, then sit in front of a screen of code in an office on Monday. Eventually I had saved enough for a trip to Asia, so booked a flight to Hong Kong with a return flight set a month later... which I was determined not to be on. Eight months on, I was still in Asia - Thailand now. I had four movies under my belt, and was up for whatever was going - stunt double, ninja, portugese warrior - anything that needed a western rag doll. I had officially begun my film education.
That was over a decade ago. During the intervening years I have tried my hand at many roles, gradually shifting from on-screen to behind the camera. Actor, stuntman, choreographer, B-camera, editor, writer. Finally arriving in a place where I feel most at home. Director. Cut to today. I have produced three independent films, and am currently directing my second, SYMUTAL, based on a book I have written. It is an entirely self-funded passion project, using the money earned in technology to cover the costs of filming. I have complete freedom to create a project that is truly my own, with no obligations to either distributors or investors. I am putting everything into it, and using all my experience from two industries to bring this science-fiction concept to life.
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Directing & Producing
SymutalFeature FilmDirector, Producer, Writer...2023 (filming)
HaphazardFeature FilmDirector, Producer, WriterGreen Apple Ent.2019
Time RushFeature FilmProducer, WriterArchstone Distribution2016
DohardShortDirectorDoha Film Institute2010
WildtrackFeature Film“Dean Baxter”...2023 (post)
Shark HuntressFeature Film“Dean”Green Apple Ent.2021
The Asian ConnectionFeature Film“Timon”Momentum Pictures2016
BreakoutFeature Film“Snaggletooth”Blue Falcon Productions2016
Mickey VirusFeature Film“Hacker”Dar Films2013
Hanuman Klook FoonFeature Film“Black Tiger”Pranakorn Films
BraveFeature Film“Mai”Birch Tree Ent.
Stunts & Physical
Mother of The BrideFeature FilmStuntsNetflix2023
KateFeature FilmStuntsNetflix2021
The SerpentTV SeriesStunts (1 Episode)Netflix2021
The Last Full MeasureFeature FilmStunts (Thailand Core Unit)Foresight Unlimited2019
Red MaskTV SeriesFeature Fighter (Episode #15)Nine Bever Films2019
Red 2Feature FilmStuntsLionsgate2013
Scorpion King 3Feature FilmStuntsUniversal Pictures2012
Hangover Part IIFeature FilmStuntsWarner Bros2011
ShanghaiFeature FilmStuntsThe Weinstein Co.
Delhi 6Feature FilmStunt Double: Abishek BachchanROM Pictures
KidnapFeature FilmStunt Double: Imran KhanShree Ashtavinayak
LootFeature FilmStunt Double: Sunil ShettyPopcorn Motion
UndergroundFeature FilmHenchmanIntense Productions
Barrio 19TV SeriesMyself (4 Episodes)MTV
The ProtectorFeature FilmHenchmanSahamongkol Film
Mysterious IslandTV FilmStuntsHallmark
The King MakerFeature FilmStunt Double: Gary StretchSony Pictures
Vampires 3: The TurningFeature FilmStunt Double: Colin EgglesfieldSony Pictures
TV Commercial / Music Promos
Cambodia BeerTV CommercialTVCFree-Runner2017
Real FootballVideo Game CommercialAdLead (with David Villa)Game Loft
Real FootballVideo Game CommercialAdLead (with Nicolas Anelka)Game Loft
Number 1: SharkTV CommercialTVCSolo LeadD2K Productions
Number 1: ParkourTV CommercialTVCSolo LeadD2K Productions
Media WorldTV CommercialTVCFree-RunnerVelvet Media
Sky Sports: StreetsTV CommercialTVCFree-RunnerBSkyB
Set Wet: SportyTV CommercialTVCFeatureKrabbe Productions
Sprite 3G: Hits HardTV CommercialTVCSolo LeadMatching Studio
Bombay Sapphire GinTV CommercialTVCSolo LeadVelvet Films
Pepsi: SamuraiTV CommercialTVCNinjaRadical Media
Bad Boy Tony: AttitudeMusic VideoLead “Dean”MOAM Productions
Autonomous Driving
Five AI
Woven Planet
VFX & Studio
Moving Picture Company
Stink Studios
Digital & Advertising
Dare Digital
DLKW (Mullen Lowe)
Elsewhen (Hive)
Rewind (Magnopus)
Film & TV
Dean's first book, SYMUTAL, is published on Amazon and available in ebook or paperback.
The older I get the more I am drawn towards writing as a pure creative outlet uninhibited by the practical considerations that creep into every other form of art. There are no budgets to consider, no client expectations, no limitations on technology, resources, or even physics. My first novel SYMUTAL, a dystopian, sci-fi thriller about A.I, was written during the Covid lockdown from 2020 to 2022, and published in March 2023. Though I have written scripts and short stories in the past, this is the first long form fiction that I have undertaken, and was a labour of love, passion, and unconstrained thinking. I hope people enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it.
Dean’s debut novel, SYMUTAL, is currently available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble in paperback or ebook.
SYMUTAL is a dystopian, sci-fi adventure set in the year 2057, about the emergence of Artificial Intelligence and the recursive nature of consciousness.
It contains many insights on the future trajectory of computing from the perspective of a lifelong programmer, and brings together through its characters several of the elements in the author’s real world – remote tech contracts, martial arts, and simulated reality. Oh, and it has lasers and a secret moon base too.
In this jaw-dropping sci-fi book SYMUTAL, Dean Alexandrou challenges the limits of what Artificial Intelligence will become in the future.
Book Nerdection Rating: “Must Read” (5/5) Read full review
The world-building of SYMUTAL is so splendid as if Alexandrou went there, witnessed everything with his eyes, and lived to tell the tale.
This is the kind of book you pull an all-nighter for.
The writing is picturesque, and the characters have a flair for the dramatic … it will give you goosebumps.
Memorable, action-packed, and engaging, author Dean Alexandrou’s SYMUTAL is a must-read sci-fi thriller of 2023! The twists and turns in the narrative, the shocking fates of the characters, and the emphasis the author puts on both the possibility and the dangers of A.I. made this story flow smoothly and kept me enraptured with the narrative until the book’s final page. Rating: 10/10

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